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DIY Caftan Dress

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I have always loved Rachel Zoe and her style. Boho chic she calls it. One thing she has made fashionable for everyday use is a kaftan or caftan, however you want to write it. This middle eastern attire is a beautiful combination of elegance and comfort. I think one of its purposes is to cover up women’s figure, but still with belts and other accessories, you can turn it into such a feminine outfit.

Caftans for inspiration ( Pics from Pinterest)


I’ve been planning to make on for ages and now finally decided to go for the challenge as I needed a maternity-appropriate dress for my brother-in-laws wedding. My initial inspiration was this Prada Caftan from their SS14 collection. I didn’t want that deep a neckline, but otherwise, I loved the shape of the dress.

Screenshot 2015-09-13 15.35.11

I also looked into some patterns available on Pinterest and found this free pattern that I took as a starting point. Here is a short tutorial on how I ended up altering the pattern and how I put my kaftan together.

kaftan Tutorial

Material: Fabric for app 2 x length of your caftan. Mine was 150 cm wide and I had it 3,2 metres just in case

  1. Cut your fabric with the following pattern measurements. The drawing is not in proportion, so I recommend you draw your pattern on paper. 2015-09-13 07.55.01
  2. Cut a piece for the neckline and add buckram to this piece and iron it on
  3. Sew shoulder seams together
  4. Sew on the neckline piece and iron flat. Hand sew the edges to the front piece if needed.2015-09-13 07.37.38
  5. Sew side seams from arm opening to the split.
  6. (hand)sew the hem of the dress and the arm openings.
    2015-09-13 07.37.57
    Arm opening
    2015-09-13 07.38.54
    round hem

    Good advice for sewing rounded hem found here on Pinterest. I hand sew all the hems since I wanted them as neat as possible. For a more casual dress machine would work fine.

This caftan is not a difficult one to make, but sewing the hems takes time and patience. But I think it was worth it as the result looks great. Here are some pics of it in action and also a styling proposal.

IMG-20150816-WA0001 IMG-20150816-WA0002

2015-09-13 07.35.04

Can’t wait to try a shorter version of a caftan and  something with a more casual style. How would you like your caftan or would you prefer non at all?



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