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Maternity Wardrobe and My Mama Style

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As pregnancy style is so topical for me I decided to post on it. I aim to give you a few practical topis post on how to build your pregnancy wardrobe and add some style pics on my own pregnancy style this time around for inspiration. I am expecting my third child so I think I have some experience on the matter. At least I have made all the mistakes in my first pregnancy 🙂 BTW, most of this advice is valid also for your everyday wear and not just maternity so you might wanna keep reading even if not pregnant at the moment.

1. Only buy maternity clothes when it is absolutely necessary!

Despite what the advertising of maternity clothing lines suggests, you don’t really need that many maternity clothes. You only have 9 months to wear them and for the beginning ofthe pregnancy, you can pretty much get along with your normal wardrobe.

Some items will be necessary though as the belly gets huge. I have bought maternity bottoms and a few dresses during my three pregnancies. BUT: you don’t need that many options. For instance: I only have one pair of mama-jeans. Just pick a model that is pretty neutral in cut. Then you can use it in many different ways and style as needed.

New tops are also a must as the belly grows. In the colours suited to your wardrobe, you can really make the most of your normal cardigans and shirts. I have used long tops from normal shops (non-maternity) just buing them a few sizes bigger than normal.

And final advice on this topic: Don’t buy extra stuff with the excuse of being able to use them on your future pregnancies. You might not like them after a few years. Speaking from experience here…

2. Consider your specific clothing needs

Where do you spend the most part of your days? Running after the kids in the park, at home cooking or perhaps on business meetings at work? Keep these needs in mind when you go shopping on maternity section and don’t get over-excited about the selection available or the coolest (and the most impractical) items on sale. Should be obvious, but is not. At least for me…

3. Maternity coats and jackets? 

So how about those beautiful coats and jackets for maternity. If you live in a cold country like me, it’s necessary to zip up a coat during the colder months. However, the coat doesn’t need to be from a maternity line since there are currently lots of cool loose designs also in many high street stores. Oversize is excellent trend for maternity as well. And you can wear the coat after the pregnancy as well. If temperature is not an issue, then wearing normal coats open is a very good option.

3. Think about the time after pregnancy, especially nursing 

Many maternity lines have taken this aspect into account. They offer tops and dresses that stretch from maternity months to the time you’ll be nursing your little one. I have one really good party dress from Mamalicious that can be worn both seasons. Also when designing this DIY maxi dress I took the coming summer also into account. One of my friends suggested that and I’m so glad she did. Now this lovely piece is going to serve me for many more years.

2015-06-24 13.55.13

This particular style is one of my maternity favourites. As you probably guessed from the previous point, I like to wear my normal coats open with my pregnancy looks. This also applies to button-ups and cardigans. Never really undestood the function of maternity cardigan anyway?

My maternity styles

Finally a few picks from my styles during this pregnancy. Very casual as I spend most of my time at home with my two children. In the outfits, the only real maternity wear is the pair of jeans.

My kinda street style for the summer ( I have heard that a shirt tied to the hips is one of the big trends this summer)


Relaxed summer look – same clothes different accessories


FIrst trimester outfit – casual and comfortable (and this still fits on wk 28:))

2015-04-02 09.30.19

What would be your best tips for making your wardrobe work for the pregnancy? Did I forget something important?



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