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DIY Crochet Statement Necklace

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I got kinda excited about crocheting since I made my first rug that I decided to see if I could make anything out of some cotton yarn scraps I got from my mom. These were probably 10 years old, so real from ”trash to couture”- project I would say. Even the base fabric I used is a sample piece I got from a friend who works as an interior designer.

I got inspired from a huge statement necklace I spotted on TV. The original was made of fabric, but couldn’t find anything similar with Google or PInterest for reference. So I just had to make up a technique and look from memory. I decided to keep the techniques as simple as possible but mixed a few to hopefully create an illusion of a bit more complex DIY 😉




– Thick wool or other sturdy fabric for the base

– Cotton yarn (less than 50 grams)

– Crocheting hook

– Fabric glue

– Lock mechanism from an old piece of jewelry

– Matching thread and needle


1. Design the shape for your statement piece and cut it from the base fabric. As you can see I used very thick wool myself.

2. Crochet chain stiches for as long as needed for your design and place the first ”row” onto the base. When you are happy with the shape glue it on with fabric glue. I recommend you make your pattern in a shorter sections, as I made mine in rows. It’s easier to create the shapes when the chain stitch row is shorter. You can just hide the beginning and starting end of your crochet chain when you glue it on.


3. Continue making your statement in ”rows” or other statges until you have convered the entire base fabric.

4. Crochet another chain to cover the side of the statement piece so the base fabric won’t show. Glue the crochet chain on. I secured it in place by hand stiching it as well.

20150716_144810 20150716_145252

5. Hand stitch the chain with the lock onto your statement piece.


6. Done!

Especially in white I really like this piece against black top or dress. I was pleased how well it suited my very old maternity dress from my first pregnancy. I was kinda bored with this dress as I wore it quite a bit six years ago. Now it has a new and fresh look to it with this decoration. What do you think?




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