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Blog move

Welcome to my new blog home dear readers!

To celebrate my newly found independence I have also created a facebook page for  ”Cause to Wear”. Appreciating all the likes:

Cause to Wear on Facebook

You can also follow the blog easily on Bloglovin:

Cause to Wear on Bloglovin

Same theme, same name just a new home base. All the old posts from this site have been transferred there and I will start removing the content from DIY Showroom. And lots of new posts waiting to be published as well. I have been doing plenty of DIYs during the summer, but because of the change, haven’t been able to publish many of them. So stay tuned 🙂 I would also appreciate all the comments and improvement proposals. As well as proposals for future posts.

When change comes, I find it good to reflect on the past. How did I end up here and where did I start? Time does pass by really fast and it’s been year and 4 months since my first post to DIY Showroom. Go and read on my first posting how did it all  ”Start”.

The cooperation with the portal I previously blogged in ”DIY Showroom” started a bit suddenly as I just sent a message to the Editor-in-Chief Katja to see if I would have a chance to blog here. I wasn’t at all sure if I could blog in English too. So glad I took on the challenge. Also I really appreciate Katja believing in me and my blog and offering a place in this community straight away.

I’ve learned so much over this time at DIY Showroom. Especially my English vocabulary on crafts and sewing has expanded and I’ve gained so much confidence with my writing in English. It has been a lot more demanding than when I started in Finnish, but has also been a lot more rewarding. To my astonishment, I have also got some readers and hits from all over the world. I appreciate all the new readers I got through DIY Showroom community that would probably have never found my blog otherwise. I also have been so encouraged by Katja during our cooperation. Thanks for always believing in me. Means more than you realise!

I also want to say thanks to Eric and Laura, who came up with the brilliant new blog title ”Cause to Wear”.  I couldn’t come up with a name that would describe the content of the blog as well as the Finnish name of my original blog did. So thank you dear ones for letting me borrow your excellence, the ”brand” name lives on:)

So now has come a time to stand on my own two blogging-feet. I love the fact that I can now be creative with the appearance and graphic design of the blog. I hope it won’t be a the cost of usability… I also feel a bit more drawn to the style matters and you just might see more of my wannabe fashionista-side in the coming years.



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