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DIY Ladies Polo Shirt Upcycled to Girl’s Dress

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For a change, I made something for children and not even for my own two this time. One of my friends was about to give a pink Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt to the thrift store, but I suggested I could make something out of it for her daughter instead. So a mini polo dress it became. And the new owner is a tree-year-old young lady.

Here’s the original polo shirt:



Instructions in short:

1. Cut off the sleeves and cut the side seam open.

2. Use a pattern from a child’s blouse to trace a smaller sleeve opening and sleeve.

20150603_141345 20150603_142020

3. Sew the sleeves to the sleeve opening and close the side seam.

4. Done!

2015-07-06 14.38.08

Not sure about the length of the dress since the new owner is yet to try the dress on. I think it might be slightly too long.

I recommend you use quite a small polo shirt as a starting point as the collar and other details look much better if they are not too ”oversized”.  And it saves you from hemming the dress again as well.




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