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DIY Upcycled Bed Sheet into Crochet Rug

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It’s been a while since my latest interior design DIY. Well here’s a new one for you. Fir a long time, I’ve been wondering how I could upcycle old bed linen. About a year ago I used an old bed sheet to make off-the-shoulder dress. However, I especially wanted to upcycle the bed linen that was in a worse condition. So I decided to cut it into a yarn about 3 cm wide and crochet it into a small round rug.

I haven’t been crocheting for years, so keeping it simple was my key to any kind of success. I ended up choosing a really simple pattern with just mosly double stitches. Here is a pattern to almost identical rug to mine.

Material needed

2-3 bed sheets depending on the size

Size 8 crocheting hook (I think anything up to 10 is ok)


Early stages of my work:


Final product. It is app. 60 cm in diameter.

2015-07-16 20.07.13

Rug in use:

2015-07-16 20.08.03

The final prduct is far from perfect, but for my first crocheting project it is good enough. Besides, old bed sheet is a lovely and soft material for a rug. And finally, recycling old material into something this usable always makes me feel so good.

I got so into crocheting that I will be doing more crocheted DIY projects in the near future. So stay tuned 🙂



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