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DIY Silk Dress to Maternity Top Refasion

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My focus on shopping on flea markets seems to have shifted lately. I don’t really get all that excited about cheap finds that fit me perfectly, but rather try to find stuff that needs to be mended or refashioned in some way. An item that needs a new breath of life, that’s my kinda find.

Antoher thing that I am now looking for is good material. I tend to leave everything that has acryl or polyester for someone else and just go for the natural fibers like wool, cotton and silk. Today’s DIY is made of one of my favourite materials aka silk. I found a beautiful silk dress from a local thrift store for 1 euro! It did have a cigarette burn on the hem, but I decided I would take it for the material anyway.

Here is the starting point. The dress itself is beautiful in shape, but with the burn in the hem and too small size, I decided it could become a maternity top. Every baby bump deserves some silk to cover it right?

2015-07-06 14.39.02

I also wanted to continue in the same theme as with my previous project; an item that could be worn during maternity and also afterwards. And something that wouldn’t look like a maternity clothing automatically. I think I succeeded:)

Here’s a short description how I made the refashion:

1. Open the side seams of the dress:

2015-07-06 15.08.47

2. Cut the hem of the dress to make side inserts.

2015-07-06 15.15.22

3. Cut the inserts to the desired shape and hem the top of each one.

2015-07-06 16.19.15

4. Sew the inserts to both sides of the top and check the fit.

5. Sew a channel for the elastic to the bottom of the top and put in the elastic.

6. Your top is done!

2015-07-06 20.49.58 2015-07-06 20.49.55 2015-07-06 20.48.05

What do you think? It actually looks better in real life than in photos. Silk is such a beautiful material also for the autumn. Keeps you cool in the heat and warms in the colder weather. I love the colour and the neckline of my new top and will be surely wearing it starting tonight 🙂



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