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Upcycling Men’s Jacket for My Boy

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I have been DIYing a lot for my kids lately. As the season changes, I tend to notice a lot of clothing items needed, especially for my oldest son. Just recently I realised he was missing a fancier jacket to wear for special occasions such as for Church onSunday mornings and parties. Obviously, this is not really a necessity, but since I sew from recycled materials, I think I can be a bit vain also without having a guilty concsious.

For this project I decided to try out a cool pattern site called Shwin&Shwin. I’ve been looking at their designs for a while and now decided to try them out finally. I bought a pattern called The Jude Jacket. The price was very reasonable (9 dollars) and it included detailed tutorial with photos as well as printable PDF-pattern. I really liked the pattern as it was really straight forward and simple. Simplicity (in a good sense) is not a feature I often see in Finnish patterns. I am a firm believer of creating details with as little eddort as possible. And this pattern did just that!

The only thing I missed on the Jude Jacket-pattern was lining. The original instructions  didnät include that so I added it myself. I think lining in a jacket is so essential for the comfort that I couldn’t go without on this one either. But in all, the tutorial and the pattern were reay good and I could see myself buiying from Shwin&Shwin again. With this pattern, I intend to make a jacket for my younger son as well as soon as I come across the material.

For this jacket my material was from an old men’s jacket I got from my father-in-law. Fabric was in an excellent condition and I’m sure it’ll last for many new users to come for this new version. Here’s the starting point:

2015-04-12 08.08.57

I often start these upcycling projects by cutting all the pieces of the item separate from the seams where necessary. In this case, it was cutting off and opening the sleeves. I also separated front pieces and one big back piece.  Then I place the new pattern on top of these pieces. The only thing on cutting the pieces, that required a little thinking and precision in this project, was getting the pockets to the right place in the smaller jacket.

A nice detail on this pattern was a crest on the sleeve. My son loved it as well and together we designed our own crest design from some fabric scraps:

2015-06-10 21.04.55

I just used fabric glue to create the crest and then I finally sew it on with a sewing machine. Let’s see what happens to it if I ever need to wash this jacket…

The end result looks like this:

20150531_132830 20150531_132908 2015-06-10 21.04.21

What do you think? I am happy with the result, even though I didn’t perfect every seam. But the owner is happy and the style works:)



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