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The Eddie Cap and Reason for my Blog Silence

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As the summer is coming to Northern Finland as well, this is the season for sewing new caps for my little men. I also made similar caps last summer and loved the tutorial on Mushroom Villagers called ”The Eddie Cap”. It is easy to follow, and quick to make. Plus the finishing is really neat also on the inside of the cap. Here is a link to the tutorial on Pinterest, in case you want to add it to your own boards.

The materials I used were of course recycled. For my oldest son I used an old pair of jeans and for my younger son I used a striped knit fabric which was a bit thicker in quality. Here are the final products:

2015-06-02 07.38.23 2015-06-02 07.37.34

Neat finish on the inside:

2015-06-02 07.38.50

And finally the caps in full action:

20150530_111512 20150530_111534

Last but not the least, I am happy to introduce you the reason for my long blog silence. Here he/she is:



I have been totally exhausted for the entire first trimester and just forced to stop doing anything extra, including my beloved sewing. As usual, I have a head full of good and innovative plans, but the execution has had to wait for better days. The baby is due at the end of November, so ther emight be some maternity as well as baby-related DIYs along the way.

Now I am starting to feel slightly better and should be able to do more than just the bare necessities. So stay tuned for the upcoming posts.



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