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Everyday Uniform?

Suomenkielinen versio täällä

Apologies for the blog silence. I have been completely unable to do anything extra these past few weeks. I might tell you the reason later, but trust me when I say: it is very valid. As much as I love blogging, I do still have several other things that are so much more important in my life, fortunately I should add.

As for today’s topic, I have read some articles on uniforms for everyday life during the past few months. And also capsule wardrobe seems to be the next hot fashion trend around, meaning basically that you buy less carefully selected clothes that all fit well together. So anything you put on from your wardrobe and combine makes a cool outfit. No more wardrobe clutter of all the seasons must-haves or sales ”finds”. One challenge all over the internet on this minimalist wardrobe is one that challenges you to cpe with only 33 clothing items (includes accessories and shoes) for 3 months. Here is one blog post on this Project333 challenge basics.

I also run into a very extreme interpretation of a minimalist wardrobe when reading the articles. To go to this extreme, you need just pick one ”uniform” to wear all day almost every day. One writer (can’t find the article anymore…) wrote how she had been searching for the perfect uniform for a while and ended up with black turtle neck with pair of jeans added with a camel coat for when going out.  Perfect, timeless and definitely stylish. Another example she shared was on one of her relatives who had chosen striped button up shirts as her uniform and had several of those in her closet. Handy and simple, definitely. A bit boring too, perhaps.

Although I do feel a bit too adventurous for just one uniform, I do think there are some principles on the simplicity that I could easily adopt. My own experience is that I seem to wear certain items of clothing in my closet over and over. For example, if I need to wear something casual smartI almost always go for my oversize white button up shirt(DIY-instructions here) and a pair of slimfit pants. Those can be either jeans or for example these DIY leather-front leggings. Here is an example of this type of an outfit, that I wore just yesterday:

2015-05-04 17.10.07

For more relaxed look I would very often choose my favourite striped skirt and applique sweater or a chambray shirt is a winning combination for comfort and coolness.

2015-04-02 09.30.19

So I noticed that button ups havemade a comeback to my wardrobe after many years of absence, And I love the classic style they give for many types of outfits. However, I still feel I’m not quite ready for a very radical wardrobe downsizing yet. So no Project333 for me just yet. Nor am I quite ready for a single uniform. But I do feel that reading these articles has reinforced my thoughts on less is more and often better.

What might be your personal uniform and would you cope with just one outfit almost anywhere?

P.S. Next post is going to be a DIY, finally!! So stay tuned 🙂



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