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DIY Easy Update on Old Ankle Boots

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Decided to write to you on a quick update I made on an old pair of ankle boots I bought second hand about a year ago. When buying them, I thought that they were exactly what I wanted. Well, I was wrong.. The model was slightly outdated that I couldn’t really make it work with any style. In addition, they were slightly small, so  the comfort factor was missing too… I could have just dumped them to thrift store, but I decided to try if I could still make something out of them.

Here’s the starting point:



The update had two phases, embelishing and stretching.

Phase 1: I rempved the old strap by simply cutting it off and added an old pair of straps as new embelishments. I have had these straps since forever and they are from an old pair of boots.


Instant facelift! Somehow the whole shoe got new character and focal point with this simple change. I think they look a lot more modern too.


Phase 2: On the second stage, I stretched the boots with some great instructions I found on Pinterest. You can use this for any pair of leather shoes. Just put on bulky socks (mine were thick woolsocks). Stuff the boots on and heat the leather up with a blow dryer. I did this for app. 5 minutes. Then let the leather dry by keeping the socks and boots on. Remove the socks  and try the boots on without them. Repeat if necessary.

And the result really was a more comfortably fitting boot. Amazing and yet so simple.


Here’s how my revamped boots look on:

2015-03-30 13.51.30 2015-03-30 13.51.27

Now I can say, I have one extra pair of boots in my closet for the spring. One sipmle option for styling them could be this:

2015-03-30 13.50.06

Did the boots improve, what do you think?





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