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DIY Long Lace Cardigan

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It’s been really sunny in Northern Finland for a few weeks now. This spring weather has inspired me to get out my lighter materials. Had bought a few lace curtains from a local thrift store last year and already made this pencil lace skirt out of the other curtain. Now I started brainstorming on what to create on the other curtain.

Kimono-style light jackets have been really fashionable for a while. So I decided to go that direction with this DIY. It’s real simple in shape and took only less than 2 hours for me to do it. So this is project you can complete in one evening if you know how to sew pretty straight.

Supplies: Lace app. 110 vm x 170 cm, matching thread, scissors, sewing machine


1. Fold lace 2 fold and cut the side open:


Then fold the lace 4-fold

2. Cut the sides of all pieces on one go like pic below. Measurements for size M/L:


3. Cut the front piece from top to bottom on center-fold as in the picture:


4. Place the front pieces on top of the back piece peverse side up. Sew together side seams and shoulder seams


5. Fold and hem the sleeve openings.

6. Fold and hem the front pieces. Example hem:

2015-03-21 14.53.28

7. If needed hem also the bottom of the jacket and the neckline. I used the whole length of the fabric so I didn’t need to do this.

8. Done!

Here are a few options on styling this:

20150320_151125 20150320_151004

And one way of using the jacket would be to transform it into a lace dress with an underdress, safety pin and a belt!

2015-03-21 14.49.49 2015-03-21 14.49.51

2015-03-21 14.49.54

I also noticed from a local mall that I had managed to make this jacket just the right length. There were several light fabric jackets of this lenght especially on the chain stores like H&M. SO if you wanna be hip and trendy, this would be the way to go 😛 You could use other light and flowy materials for this as well, like a really big and light scarf.






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