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DIY Easy Storage Bags

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Goes interior design

This is my first ”official” DIY idea to do with interior design. This contained bag is so easy to make and can be scaled to many different sizes and made from variety of materials. And who wouldn’t have million small things that are in a need of a dedicated storage place.

Material I used for these were old individual tablecloths, that were stained and therefore didn’t use them anymore. I don’t mind the stains in the bags as they are not as visible as they were when placed flat on a table. The advantage of this material is taht you don’t need to zigzag the edges or neaten them any other way. Just sew straight seams and you’re done.

You can also find the material from thrift stores. Anything sturdy enough is good if your sewing machine can handle it. Thought of old jeans for example. But with those, you’d need to make a lining or think of other ways to neaten the seams.

Project steps:

1. Sew together two individual table cloths from three sides as in the pic below:


2. Make two folds on the bottom of the bag to create the boxy shape. There are ”wings” left on the inside side of your bag and it looks like this:

Seamy side up:

20150314_154054 20150314_154113

Turned the right way around




3. Cut off the ends of your thread and your’re done.


My bags in action:






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