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DIY Little Girl’s Peasant Dress

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I made a peasant-style dress for a 5-year-old girl from an old pair of pyjama pants for her birthday. The pattern was pretty much the same I used to create this off-shoulder dress from an old bed linen. The only exception was that I used elastic for the neckline instead of a rib fabric and no elastic to the bottom of the dress. The approximate measurements for the dress are: 60 cm length, circumference of the bodice app. 88 cm and circumference in the sleeves app. 50 cm. SO the sleeves are really puffy, but I figured a little girl might appreciate that. The bow is made of a piece of an old lace curtain.


My starting point aka torn pyjama pants:


I cut all the seams open and then cut the pieces for the dress from the four leg pieces. Due to this, There is a seam in the front and back of the dress, in addition to the sde seams. The sleeves have two seams as well.

This is how it is cut from each leg:


Here’s how my dress came out:

2015-03-07 22.59.47


Bow detail:

2015-03-07 23.00.32

As a remider, here are the dress instructions. The only change is in step 3 where you would sew the channel for the elastic instea of the rib fabric.

Dia1 Dia2 Dia3




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