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Something Old, Something New

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Short update on the themes and blog activities for 2015. I know the year is already well under way, but it took me this long to take a moment to reflect on what I wanted to blog on this year. I got so excited about my interior design project I told you about here, that I thought I would be doing more DIYs in that area. So I launched this theme for the blog:

Goes interior design


You migh have also noticed, I finally got around designing a logo for the blog. About time too… I kind of got into this graphic design mode when I planned the graphics for Toppilan Majakka-project. I also downloaded loads of cool fonts on my Mac, so creating the logo was easy.


Finally, you might have noticed that I have been doing the English and Finnish postings separately for a while now. I prefer doing shorter posts that you can almost fit into one screen. Makes it more user-friendly. Hope you think so too and find the blog easier to use after this change. I won’t be making any changes for the older posts though.

But the overall theme of the blog, aka second hand style and easy DIY projects, will not be changing. I love everything about thrift stores and the treasures I can find there and breathing life into something abandonned. So all that you are used to will also remain as the main focus for 2015 also.

How would you readers feel about these changes and would you be at all interested in the home and interior design related DIYs?



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