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Second Hand Interior Design Project – Toppilan Majakka

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Long time no hear. Apologies for the blog silence, but been a bit busy lately. I thought I’d tell you a bit about this project, that’s been keeping me busy for the beginning of this year. After Christmas this year I got myself a small interior design project for a new space my Church rented nearby where we live called Toppilan Majakka (Toppila Lighthouse). The renovation of this app. 90 m2 space had already started before I came on board. So my job was to look into the colours, furniture and other decoration material for the space. The space is next to the nearby thrift store Toppila-Center so I got most of my material from there. I also had the best support team on this project. Firstly my friend Johanna, helping me with all the tough decisions on colours, materials and overall look for the space. Helena did an amazing job with sewing the curtains from secondhand fabrics and Paavo was responsible for the beautiful results of the overall renovation project. And also many other volunteers who helped out during the process. Last but not least, the man who had a vision of this place, Mikko. He was the driving force that this whole project got started and was trusing enough to give me free hands on doing the design.

The space is to be used for many different functions so I had to think practical side first and then try to fit it in with the colour scheme and overall look. Also had an extra challenge with the recycled material, so I just had to trust that all I needed would come to me. The only items I bought new were the 6 lamps and two curtains.

Only one night from the opening, I feel I reached my goal in making a cozy, modern, practical and beautiful space with a mini-budget. But time will tell what needs to be added in the future. I am especially pleased with the result as this style of interior design differs quite a bit from what I would choose for my home. So that was yet another challenge, but I managed to pull it off and feel exhausted but happy I took on the project totally off my comfort zone.

Below a few pics on the project with short commentary.  Enjoy! Apart from the first bad quality pics, all the photo creadits go to Johanna and Jari H. Thank you for these beautiful photos.


Second hand frames painted with spray paint to make a cool photowall. All photos are also kinda DIY, printed on my laserprinter at home.



Details of the space that are next to the entrance. The brown retro chair is my personal favourite. Also the printed text posters are my design and my prints.




Love these lamps. They are the new element for the space. I feel these are something that really pulled the whole design together. And they go well with the lighthouse theme.

DSC_0301 DSC_0296


Photowall in place. Might not be set perfectly, but my excuse is that there is room for more pics and frames.



Velvet curtains with eyelets. Hanging curtains this way was a brilliant idea from Johanna. Velvet is also great material for this space as it softens the acoustics and works almost like a blackout curtain if you are using a data projector. The fabric is from Toppila-Center and Helena sew these into these amazing curtains. Apologies for heavily cropping the pic. I didn’t want to post photos with people in them.




More DIY graphic design. Really got into this poster design business. It was so much fun and the internet is full of cool free fonts. For creating the design PowerPoint is good enough to start with. And these two are normal A3 prints. Not poster Quality, but they work just fine.



What’s your favourite part of these details?



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