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DIY Dress for Dressember 3

Suomeksi täällä

This ”dress” can just barely deserves to be called a dress. It didn’t come out quite as well as I envisioned, too short namely. I’ll show it to you anyway, since the material is readily available in thrift stores and it is really easy to make. Oh, and I also have the instructions ready, which helps 🙂

This is the same dress series with Dressember dresses 1 ja 2. The actual month of dresses has finished, but the campaign is open until the end of Jan 2015 month. All the funds raised go to International Justice Mission.os If you want to be fighting human trafficking, you can donate to my Dressember-campaign. A big thanks the amazing donations I have received so far.

This time I made a shirt dress out of men’s shirt, that is really more of an oversize blouse, but the more daring ladies (unlike myself) can easily wear this with cool pair of heels and sheer thights. My men’s button up was a size large. Maybe worth making this out of a bigger one to get a genuine and a bit longer dress. Maybe I’ll try that myself one day. I actually used this shirt as it was before with no alterations. But somehow I got fed up with the too oversize look and wanted it to fit a bit better from the shoulders.Check out the original shirt from my instagram.

Here’s how it turned out after the alteration:

IMG_0008 IMG_0022 IMG_0028

As you can see, I also got a bit carried away styling it. In the first version I tried it with over-the-knee socks, which was a bit too bold for my liking. Would work for someone with mile-long pair of legs. The other version is with boring opaque thights. Oh, and the bow on my neck is an old and slim men’s tie. This would be one cool way of using it.


Instructions are from my previous DIY project from here.  They are perfectly applicable for this one also, except you don’t need to shorten the hem.


Dia1 Dia2



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