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DIY Boy’s Pants’ update and Other Refashion Tips for Kids

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As a stay-at-home mom of two, I have been following kids fashion for almost 5 years now. During these years, I have figured out that there really are trends in this area of fashion as well. So some clothes might look old-fashioned after some years, even if they would otherwise be in good condition. So as with adult clothes, you can also refashion the little ones’ items. Here are a few tips I have used.

DIY Instructions: Boy’s wide leg pants to drop-crotch chinos

I got this pair second hand some years ago and the material was ok in them. But the style was a bit outdated with really wide legs. So I decided to refashion the pair. Here’s the starting point:



1. Cut open the inner seam and open the hem on both legs slightly.

2. Draw the new line for narrower leg to the inner seam of the leg.


3. Cut the new shape to the trousers and sew the legs back together.


4. Hem the trousers.

The entire outfit looked like this when my youner son wore it on Christmas. I didn’t manage to get any live photos of him standing still.. The bow-tie is also DIY and made of recycled materials.



Extend the lifespan of trousers with longer ribbing

I got this idea from my friend’s blog maybe a year ago. Longer ribbing is used in trousers a lot these days, so this little change would make any of your toddler’s trousers look a little cooler. I have done this with couple of trousers my sef.

First to a grey pair I DIYed a while back:

With shorter ribbing:


After changing the longer ribbing:


I also added ribbing to an old pair of trousers that were originally size 70 cm (6 months?). Now I’m wearing them for a two-year-old wearing size 92 cm trousers normally.


Pocket to an old t-shirt (works also for covering stains)

I did this update on an old one-piece:


You can also see a lot of pockets in new kids fashion items. You could also go a bit bolder with the pocket colour like Polarn o Pyret has done:



Patches for trouser knees

I haven’t tried this one myself yet as my boys don’t usually wear off their trousers from knees. However, this could work as a cute update on any old pair, just to spice them up. (Photo

Kuvankaappaus 2015-1-7 kello 15.02.45

What is your favourite way of updating the clothes for your little ones? Would love to get some new tips and ideas in this area from real life, not just from Pinterest 🙂



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